Welcome to the MJ Angel Food Bakery

MJ Angel Food Bakery, The Original Baking Can, circle shape loaves, circle shape slices, circular bread pan, baking can

Tips for Baking with your “Original Baking Can”

  Always spray the inside surface of the “baking can” thoroughly with a non stick vegetable oil spray; or you can thoroughly coat the inside surface with vegetable shortening, then put in a tablespoon of flour, tapping and rolling the “baking can” till the inside surface is completely coated. 

Fill the “baking can” to 2/3rd's the way full, because the batter will expand upward.  This will keep it from overflowing and help with accurate baking time.   Setting your oven to 375, or about 25 degrees hotter than usual, helps with accurate baking time. 

MJ Angel Food Bakery, The Original Baking Can, circle slice bread pan, circular loaf pan, circular bread baking pan, baking can

Test Your Loaves

  To test if loaves are done, put a thin knife down the center of one of the loaves. If it comes out clean, it is done. If it comes out doughy, bake another 5 minutes, and check again. When loaves are done, let them sit for about 15 minutes before you dump them out.

MJ Angel Food Bakery, The Original Baking Can, vertical cylindrical loaf pan, circle shape loaves, loaf pan circle shape slices, circular loaf pan, baking can

"The Original Baking Can" is HOT!

  Using hot pads, grab the “baking can” and tap it on the edge of the counter as you turn it to loosen the loaf. With one hand hold the bottom of the can, while dumping it out into your other hand. Gently catch the loaf as if slides out. Set it on its bottom on a towel or clean counter. They will be hot! Use caution!  Do not use a knife or sharp object to pry the loaf out. Treat your tasty loaf and “baking can” with love!