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The Original Baking Can, cylindrical bread pan, circular loaf pan, circular bread baking pan, loaf pan circle slices, baking can

The Story


It all started in 1981, about 40 years ago, when Grandma Toone made her first loaf of pumpkin bread in a can. She wanted to bake gifts that were affordable, original and fun. Perfecting the recipe and “out of the pan” thinking, the idea for the “baking can” was born. She would bake dozens of loaves, delivering them to her loved ones and friends year after year. 

The Original Baking Can, circle shape slices, quick bread loaves, circular loaf pans, loaf pan circle slices, circular bread baking pan, baking can

 Some years she was so busy she didn’t have time to do all the baking. One of her daughters kept up the tradition for her even when she didn’t have time. Grandma would say “The MJ Angel Food Bakery made these delicious loaves!” – MJ referring to her daughter’s name and Angel referring to her daughter for helping her out! 

The Original Baking Can, gift loaves, quick breads, cylindrical vertical bread pan, circular loaf pans, circular bread baking pan, loaf pan circle slices, baking can

 Now you can make your own bread anytime you want! The cute cylinder shape loaf, circle shape slices, with a festive ribbon on the top has become a tradition for special occasions. Cutting the loaves with their circle shape slices is fancy and fun! It always makes for a beautiful and delicious display. Now you can make and bake your own joy! “The Original Baking Can” and Grandma’s famous recipe is available for you to enjoy anytime. Feel the love in every bite! From Grandma with love XOXO