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The History of Coffee Can Baking

Did you know people used to bake in coffee cans?

Coffee can baking started back in the early 1900's when food grade cans were made out of a mild steel. Money was tight in those days, so people would use whatever they already had to make due. A pound of coffee came in a can, so smart bakers would use the coffee cans for baking. Since baking in a coffee can was convenient and inexpensive, bread in a can was born! Nowadays, food cans are not made out of quality steel you can bake in. The MJ Angel Food Bakery has created the solution to this problem! "The Original Baking Can" is made of food grade stainless steel, is safe and sanitary, dishwasher safe, perfect for baking purposes and will last forever! Now you can enjoy this long time tradition of baking bread in a can - coffee can bread!!! 

Time for some Coffee Can Baking!

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